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What You Need to Know for a Rapid Sale in Today’s Real Estate Market

Buying or selling a home is one of life’s biggest stressors.  Right up there with getting married, losing a job or divorcing.  It’s big.  Add the crazy market conditions that have persisted for the last few years, and the stress is even greater.

Many areas of the country have seen the market pick up, and it’s favoring sellers right now.  While interest rates are still low, it’s a good time to get your house on the market if you’ve been considering selling.

Go With a Pro

If you want to have a good selling experience, it’s essential that you ally yourself with a yucca valley real estate agency that knows your neighborhood and has a lot of experience in the area.  Many realtors specialize not just in communities, but have special knowledge that may focus on a few specific streets in your area.  This is great knowledge to capture and use to your advantage as a seller.

Real Estate

Make sure that you interview your prospective agent.  Find out how much experience they have in the industry, and then narrow your questions to find out how many sales and listings they have handled in your neighborhood.

Little Things Mean A Lot

While it seems contrary to spend money on your home when you’re trying to sell it, the small flaws that you’ve been willing to live with may turn off a potential buyer.  Think cosmetically.  Try to walk through your home as a stranger and notice the scuffed walls, the faded paint on the front door, the chipped tile in front of the tub.

If you have thick skin, you can hire a professional real estate services that offer home staging to help you make your home appealing in the current market.  The longer you’ve lived there, the more highly this recommendation comes.  After a while, unless you’re a decorator, you may have lost track of what’s trendy.  Your treasures may just appear as clutter to a buyer’s eyes.  Harsh, but true.

Make Sure the Price is Right and The Fees are Fair

With homes selling quickly right now, it’s almost a red flag to buyers when a home stays on the market for too long.  Work with your agent to properly price your house from the start.  Your agent, who knows your neighborhood, will have comparable pricing for all the recent sales in your area.

Know all the financial details of the real estate contracts in your area.  Everything is negotiable—including commissions.   Know what’s involved with all the players and who’s responsible for what fees.  Who is responsible for the home inspection, how much will be held by the escrow company, what are the attorney’s fees and closing costs.  Having a handle on the details early on will help keep the stress under control.

The Truth About Open Houses

If you’ve ever sold a home before, you’re familiar with the agonies of Open Houses.  Everything must look perfect, you scream at the kids if they drop so much as a crumb and when the time draws close, the entire family, including the dog, must vacate the premises for a few hours.  Ugh.

Statistically, only between 10 and 11% of homes are sold through open houses.  The entire event benefits the hosting realtor as it gives them an opportunity to solicit all visitors for their business.  So, while holding one might be a good idea, don’t be pressured into more than one or two.